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Terms & Conditions

By clicking "I agree to the terms and conditions" you agree to the following:

1. Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective, and their hosts

     By participating in our events you are confirming you agree with Savannah BIPOC Makers terms and conditions, which have been put together to protect your business, Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective, our event hosts and our visitors.

2.  When signing up for an event

     Once you have signed up as a vendor and confirmed your space by paying your booth fee, Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective will add you to our event mailing list.  We usually aim to send at least one email every other week to keep you all updated with event logistics, space assignments, and day of notifications.  

Please note some markets are invite only, meaning the market has been carefully curated to ensure a quality presentation of goods and services that compliment the venue, our customers, as well as the makers.  In the event that a market is invite-only a passcode will be provided to access the registration form.  Please do not share this registration with anyone else.  If a passcode has been found to be shared outside of our invite network the responsible party will no longer be allowed to vend with Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective.

3. Confirmations

   Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective makes every effort to advertise and market our events.  We make no guarantee of sales, number of visitors, or exclusivity of goods.  All events are curated or juried to ensure a variety of items.

  Vendors agree that all items are handmade, handcrafted, and responsibly sourced.  Mass produced items that are a direct extension of your handmade items may be allowed.  Any vendors found to be selling counterfeit items, items sold under an MLM umbrella or direct sales may forfeit their future participation in Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective Events.


4.  Liability

     Vendors agree to not hold liable Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective or its venue hosts and collaborators for any damage, theft or loss of goods at our events.  You also agree to not hold our venue hosts liable for any avoidable harm or injury. 

5. Cancellations

     Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective will take all necessary actions to notify our vendors and attendees in the event that our market needs to be cancelled or rescheduled.  In the event of cancellation, all vending fees will be returned in kind.  In the event of reschedule, funds will be refunded to those who can not participate in the rescheduled date.  Cancellations will only happen under the threat of severe weather or an otherwise catastrophic event.  

  Empty spaces are detrimental to the value of our markets.  If you cannot attend, proper notice (15 days) is requested, but even morning of is okay.  Failure to directly notify Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective of your absence will severely impact your ability to participate in future events.

6.  Refunds

     All payments are expected to be made in a timely manner by the "NLT" date assigned per market event. Failure to remit payment by this date without proper notification will move the vendor to our waitlist.  All payments can be made via electronic payment.  We are unable to accept cash, check, money order or direct payments via Venmo or CashApp.

  Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective will only issue refunds up to 15 days prior to an event.  If unable to participate within 15 days you may request your funds be rolled over to our next event.  Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective makes no guarantee of space beyond 1 year from the date of first request.  Alternatively if we are able to fill your space within 15 days of an event a refund MAY be granted at the full discretion of Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective.


7.  Lateness/Early Departure

     Failure to communicate tardiness or early departure will severely impact your ability to participate in future events.  If you must arrive late, you may not be guaranteed the space originally assigned.  
  We expect all vendors to remain fully setup up until the official tear down time.  If you have sold out of all items, please be prepared to hand out literature or contact cards at your booth until the end of market.

8.  Completeness

     These Terms & Conditions are not all encompassing.  Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective and our venue hosts reserve the right to add to these terms and conditions as necessary, per event.  In the case that these terms are drastically changed all active vendors will be made aware.

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