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Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective was born on a Saturday.  A day when many makers and creators set up a tent, display their goods, and hope for clear skies and lots of foot traffic.  Specifically, 3 BIPOC makers gathered and said, "...are we the only ones here?"

About Us

After that Saturday, the goal was to simply host a market just for BIPOC makers and creators, to give everyone a chance and opportunity to show off their goods.  From that initial vision to what we hope to grow and sustain is what we now call Savannah BIPOC Makers Collective.  

With the goal to provide a collaborative community of makers and creators who support one another and share resources.  Assisting makers with building their brand and making the sales that allow them to grow.  Through a series of seminars and workshops,  an online store that allows makers to share their products and services, quarterly markets and pop-up events, and social events, we aim to bring to life Issa Rae's words, "I'm rooting for everybody black!" (We're rooting for everyone, but especially BIPOC makers).

If you'd like to learn more or connect with us please just click here.

Our Vision

Pictured: Founders, Amber of A + C Adornments and Shawna of  Southern Henna

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